All-In-One Digital Fundraising Solution

A powerful tool, designed for non-profit, content creators and creative projects. Boost your cause and raise funds by creating your own campaign.

Crowdfundly Fundraising Platform
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One Tool For All Fundraising Possibilities

Donation campaigns, sponsor campaigns, and crowdfunding campaigns are all available.

Highlights of Crowdfundly

Boost your fundraising revenue by transforming your audiences' giving experience.

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One Tool for All Fundraising Needs

With Crowdfundly, you can create memberships for supporters, raise for charitable causes, or manage pre-order for innovative projects.

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Fits Both Individuals & Organizations

Crowdfundly is suitable for both organizations and individual creators. Build your campaign and raise funds for goods.

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Best-In-Class Giving Experience

Boost your audience's experience by offering a high-converting, simple and effortless giving process.

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Branded fundraising page with free SSL certificate for secure web traffic. Instantly issued and automatically renewed.

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Custom Domain & Email

Build credibility for your brand with a personalized domain and email. You can unify the login experience. Integrate with Your Favourite Tools

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Integrate with Your Favourite Tools

Create your perfect workflow by connecting your favorite tools. Ready integration with the tools you already use.

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Best Fundraising Experience With Powerful Elements.

Every single feature we have developed is based on real user experience and hence we offer the best experience.

Simplified Giving Process Ready Theme Designs

Touch-and-go modern giving form. One-time and recurring donations available. Option for thank-you messages and many more.

Customizable High Converting Form

Create a suggestion of what to give based on pre-set amounts. Collect custom data with advanced options.

crowdfunldy fundfaising
crowdfunldy fundfaising
Campaign for Anything All Your Fundraising Needs

Crowdfundly's advanced fundraising tool allows you to manage donation forms, sponsors, memberships, and crowdfunding for any cause.

Advance Features

Real-time tracking, reward management, all the features you need. Ongoing campaigns or campaigns with specific dates and amounts.

Custom Branding Your Branded Website

Your fundraising page should reflect the premium feel of your brand. Get beautiful predesigned themes to make it happen.

Branded Dashboard & URLs

Apply your branding, your logo, and colors. You can even brand the login page, dashboard URL and emails.

crowdfunldy fundfaising
crowdfunldy fundfaising
Integrations Built-In and Custom Webhook Integration

Take advantage of built-in integration with the tools you already use. You can also connect using custom webhook.

Official WordPress plugin

Turn your WordPress site into a fundraising portal by connecting Crowdfundly WordPress plugin. Comes with exclusive addons for Elementor.

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One-time, Simple and Affordable Pricing

Try free forever plan, no credit card required. We make money when you make a lot more.




3.0% per successful charge



One Time Purchase

2.1% per successful charge.

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Looking For Enterprise Solution?

Fundraisers Module

Fundraiser Payment Gateways

Fundraiser Dashboard

Set Platform Commission

Custom Team Accounts

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Blog & resources

Resources to help you grow your online fundraising.

Get 100+ intersesting stories & resources on our blog.
Crowdfundly FAQ

Find out the answers to your questions.

Active campaigns represent how many campaigns you can set as Published at a time.
The Enterprise plan includes all the Pro plan features, but it also includes a fundraiser module with custom fundraising limits. Along side with your campaign you can also allow others to create their campaigns. As an organization owner, you have the control to manage the campaigns from the fundraisers. For example. It has to go through manual verification or not.
The 'One Time Purchase' means you pay the license fee once, and it is valid for a lifetime.
Crowdfundly calculates a percentage of the money you raise. This platform fees do not include payment processing fees. Crowdfundly will not take money from your live transaction, but we will send you an invoice and statement at the end of the month.
Yes. Crowdfundly calculates a percentage of the money you raise. This platform fees do not include payment processing fees. Crowdfundly will not take money from your live transaction, but we will send you an invoice and statement at the end of the month.
At this moment Crowdfundly supports PayPal & Stripe. More payment gateways will be added in the days to come.
Crowdfundly supports only English at this moment. German, Spanish, and many more languages are on the way.
Donation campaigns are designed for charitable causes.
Sponsor campaigns are for creative people who need support from their fans.
Crowdfunding campaigns are suitable for dream and creative projects which need support to bring into reality.
If you are an existing user and want to change your plan, contact our support team.
MailChimp, FluentCRM, RocketChat are natively integrated. A custom webhook is also available. There will be many more integrations in the near future
We always love to hear suggestions from you. Email your suggestion to
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