Introducing Crowdfundly V3 : Reveals New Brand Identity with Redesigned Logo and Website

June 26, 2022

Over the last year, we have been working hard to bring Crowdfundly v3, which allows any online fundraiser to run a campaign and raise money for any purpose more efficiently. Specially fundraising for content creators is an exclusive new addition.

It’s been a roller coaster ride filled with blood and sweat. Take a look at the changes below.

Crowdfundly Rebranded


The new Crowdfundly v3 version brings major changes to the core. Because of these changes, we had to make sure our logo reflected that. We unveil our new logo that represents a caring collaboration as well as a giving ethos. We decided to represent the industry of giving with a classical and calm color scheme rather than something more fancy.

Website Revamped


Together with our brand new logo, we have updated our website to reflect a modern, intuitive look. New website is more easy to use and navigate. We chose a modern Glass Effect with clear contrasting colours that resonate with the industry.

What’s New in Crowdfundly V3

A new one-time price that’s simple and affordable


We’ve simplified pricing to just two options: FREE and PRO. Pay just once for the PRO license. There are no monthly fees. Pay only a tiny commission when you raise more funds. Our success depends on how successful you are. Previously, there were 04 (Four) different pricing structures with a complex metered billing style.

Launched new ‘Sponsor’ campaign for creators


We created a whole new campaign system for content creators, such as podcasters, video creators, musicians, gamers, programmers and others. It gives them the opportunity to establish membership programs, accept donations, and sell items to their members.

Improved ‘Donation’ campaign for charitable causes


Our donation campaign has been modified to make it easier for you to start a campaign and collect donations. All you need to do is specify the campaign title and payment gateway. You can edit the ‘Donation’ campaign at any time if you want to update the featured image, description, and other stuff. Previous versions of donation campaign had more than four steps, now it is one.

Improved ‘Crowdfunding’ campaign for creative projects


We have also separated our ‘Crowdfunding’ campaign from our ‘Donation’ and ‘Sponsor’ campaigns. Crowdfunding campaign specially designed to to bring your creative projects in life, such as film, music, art, theater, games, comics, design, photography, etc. The campaign allows you to set milestones and target amounts for raising funds. You can also create reward-based campaigns.

Enhancement of overall UI/UX


We had tons of UI/UX improvements throughout the application. As an example, we have created a touch-and-go giving form that is high converting. Added new landing pages for organizations as well as many changes to dashboard.

Brand New WordPress Plugin


Using our official WordPress plugin, you can turn your WordPress site into a fundraising portal. By supporting Crowdfundly v3, we have also released a brand new WordPress plugin V2.x that comes with exclusive Elementor addons and native integration with FluentCRM.

New Integration Module

Integration Module

Crowdfundly v3 introduces a brand new integration module. This will allow you to connect with the tools that you are already using, such as ‘MailChimp’, ‘FluentCRM’, ‘RocketChat’. Custom webhooks are also available. This is just the beginning, there will be continuous new integrations in the future.

New simplified onboarding system for organizations


We have made it extremely easy to register and create an organization, whether using free or pro. In the past there were multiple steps, but that has been eliminated.

New theme for organization landing page

landing page

This is just the beginning of a series of new templates. In our latest release, we have introduced another new landing page design for your organization.

Automated campaign creation during onboarding

To make your on-boarding process smoother, Crowdfundly has added a cool feature that automatically creates a default campaign for you. By doing so, you will be able to explore the platform and get ready to raise funds more quickly. All you have to do is set up the payment gateways.

Advanced fundraiser onboarding system

The fundraising module has been completely redesigned. Fundraisers can now request to join the organizations of their choice. This can be approved by the organization owner. Owners of organizations can also manage all fundraisers, and can set up campaign approval conditions. Please note that this fundraiser module is only available for the Enterprise license.

Payment gateway settings for individual fundraisers

During our initial launch, that feature received the most requests. Now, fundraisers can set up their own payment gateways to receive donations directly into their accounts. However, this option must be enabled by the organization owner. Organizations can use this option if they do not care about dealing with funds as well as commissions. Please note that this fundraiser module is only available for the Enterprise license.

Added flexible rich text editing functionality

Rich text editors have been introduced to campaign stories, reward descriptions, and elsewhere. In the previous version of campaign story, we had used an interesting custom editor, but in real-life use-cases our users found it more difficult to use. Now we’re bringing back the classic rich text editor.

Introducing a new Enterprise solution

The new Free and Pro licenses have been simplified, focusing on individuals and small-to-midsize businesses, but not including the fundraiser module. Our ‘Enterprise’ license with fundraiser module is now available separately. Both the hosted and self-hosted Enterprise licenses are available. If you are interested in an Enterprise license, please contact our sales department.

Crowdfundly v3 is just the beginning of a new era. We will make fundraising easy and accessible to everyone. There are so many exciting features coming soon. Everything is ready to scale and ship faster. It is our goal to make you successful so that we can be successful.

BTW, let us know about your fundraising plans and get a discount on this special occasion. Happy fundraising 🙂