Crowdfundly Changelog – SAAS


  • Updated - Max preset amount limit to eight from five
  • Updated - Stripe logo on the public contribution page
October 06, 2022


  • Added - 'Back to Campaigns' button on the manage campaign pages
  • Added - API support for Razorpay
  • Fixed - Footer logo issue on the campaign page & organization landing page
  • Fixed - Dashboard stats not showing properly
  • Fixed - Auth pages responsive issues & 'Powered by Crowdfundly' logo's position
  • Fixed - Aspect ratio for all the videos in the description sections
  • Fixed - Tons of responsive issues
  • Fixed - All campaign page's filters not working
  • Fixed - Campaign status will only be visible to the organization's owners
  • Fixed - Top contributors section showing duplicate data
September 14, 2022


  • Fixed - Razorpay configuration issue
  • Fixed - Apply coupon code issue on organization creation
August 24, 2022


  • New - Added Razorpay payment system for the INR
  • Fixed - Campaign tabs data update on the similar campaign section
  • Fixed - Load More button on the campaign tab section
  • Fixed - Contributor data missing from the activity tab section
  • Fixed - Anonymous contributor issue on the activity tab section
  • Fixed - Package name missing for some LTD users on the billing section
  • Fixed - Selected reward showing HTML tags and added currency symbol missing issue
  • Fixed - Campaign post update video section shows required
  • Fixed - Campaign card can't open in the new tab
  • Fixed - Anonymous contributor issue on the online donation page
  • Fixed: Fundraiser data table doesn't show the status for the old users
August 23, 2022


  • Fixed - Campaign cards click issue
  • Fixed - Campaign tabs weren't updating from the similar campaign section
  • Fixed - Package tab missing and 'Get Reward' button gets disabled
  • Fixed - Data loading on the 'Activities' and 'Updates' tab
  • Fixed - Start fundraising button issue and added a new pop-up message
  • Fixed - Page design is broken for the user journey section
  • Fixed - Language switcher issue on the 'Create Campaign' page
August 16, 2022


  • New - Added cents amount visibility settings
  • New - Welcome pop-up message will appear on the profile page
  • Fixed -Dashboard design is broken for the user journey section
  • Fixed - Page gets blank after reloading on the manage campaign page
  • Fixed - Organization switch redirect issue
  • Fixed - Story section can be optional for donation & sponsor type campaigns
  • Fixed - Package name missing in the billing section
  • Fixed - Pop-up message for adding offline contribution
  • Fixed - Data tables value will display in descending order
  • Removed - Custom PayPal payment link from package purchase and plan upgradation page
  • Enhanced security for preventing unauthorized access
August 10, 2022


  • New - Added a back button on the 'create campaign' page
  • New - Added V3 welcome message pop-up notification
  • New - Added plan upgrade banner message for free plan users
  • Improved - Billing section's payment history table
  • Fixed - Showing error on organization creation using LTD
  • Fixed - Hide social and address icons on the organization landing page without providing any
  • Fixed - Pop-up messages on the bundle purchase page
  • Fixed - Organization stats will be publicly visible
  • Fixed - Campaign card height
  • Fixed - Create and manage reward card showing HTML tags
  • Fixed - Stripe payment issue on plan upgradation
August 04, 2022


  • New - Added Free to Pro plan upgradation option
  • New - Integration features are only for pro users
  • New - Added pop-up notification for resending email verification link
  • New - Added 'powered by Crowdfundly' logo on auth pages
  • New - Added scroll option for reward and package creation view
  • Improved - Organization bill payment process
  • Fixed - Campaign publishes issue for LTD users
  • Fixed - Error on the campaign view page
  • Fixed - Manage campaign page reload gets blank issue
  • Fixed - Fundraiser button visibility issue
  • Fixed - Create organizations using the LTD license
  • Fixed - Status update for "Set as Raised" campaign
  • Fixed - Default fav-icons will be visible when no fav-icon is set
  • Fixed - Hide the recent campaigns section when there are no recent campaigns
  • Fixed - Preset amount edit option
  • Fixed - Organization logo design issue on the organization landing page
  • Fixed - Similar campaign design broke issue
July 27, 2022


  • New - Added story section for donation and sponsor type campaign
  • New - Free license can be purchased one time
  • Fixed - LTD license exception issue
  • Fixed - Organization logo and fav icon on the manage campaign page
  • Fixed - Organization's privacy policy page's error
  • Fixed - Worldwide shipping option for rewards
  • Fixed - Similar campaigns not showing
July 21, 2022


  • New - Changed Stripe logo and added a custom link for PayPal payment
  • Fixed - Campaign endorsement issue
  • Fixed - Campaign visibility issue for older campaigns
  • Fixed - Page title change dynamically at campaign creation
  • Fixed - PayPal contribution issue
  • Fixed - Auth pages favicons
July 08, 2022


  • New - Redesigned organization onboarding system
  • New - Theme for organization landing page
  • New - Campaign card design
  • Improved - Custom webhook and integration system
  • New - Auto campaign creation while onboarding a new organization
  • Fixed - URL redirection issues
  • New - Settings for customizing contribution button labels
  • New - Rich text support for organization description and also for package & reward description
  • Fixed - Campaign gallery image showing on the organization slider
  • Updated - Campaign search on contributions pages
  • Fixed - Campaign story broken issue
  • New - Image loader option for all campaigns
  • Updated - The package tab will show on the first tab for sponsor-type campaign
  • Improved overall UI/UX.
  • Plus lots of improvements and fixes.
June 27, 2022


  • New: Currency separator settings for contribution amounts.
  • Lot's of improvements and fixes.
May 15, 2022


  • Introduced new 'Sponsor' campaign for creators.
  • Improvised 'Donation' campaign
  • Improvised 'Crowdfunding' campaign.
  • Introduced webhook 1.0
  • Introduced new packages.
  • Improved overall UI/UX.
April 27, 2022


  • Fix: Subscription expired issue.
  • Fix: Issue on organization plan upgrade.
  • Fix: Login issue after organization is created.
November 24, 2021


  • Fix: Social login for custom domain.
  • Fix: Category issue on create campaign page.
  • Fix: Custom logo on category page from the dashboard.
November 23, 2021


  • Fix: Reward selection action in campaign donation page
  • Fix: Social login in registration page
  • Fix: Organization custom favicon in registration page
  • Fix: Redirection after social login in organization custom domain
November 22, 2021


  • Fix: Organization logo
  • Fix: Organization favicon
November 21, 2021


  • Improvement: Added custom domain logo on authentication pages.
  • Fix: Social login from custom domain issue.
November 16, 2021


  • New: Custom dashboard in the custom domain.
  • Fix: Stripe payment issues.
  • Fix: Cross-domain social login issue.
  • Few more bug fixes and lots of improvements.
November 15, 2021


  • Update: Frontend performance improvement.
  • Update: Domain checking before SSL is generated.
  • Fix: Cross-domain login issue for multiple organizations.
  • Fix: Domain in creating organization page.
  • Fix: Request handing process for WordPress plugin.
November 5, 2021


  • New: Dashboard on the organization domain level.
  • Update: Application performances improvement.
  • Update: Descriptive exception message.
  • Fix: Lots of minor bug fixes and improvements.
November 2, 2021


  • Fix: Button actions from user licensing page.
  • Fix: Report campaign page, content not found issue.
October 19, 2021


  • Update: Campaigns data table in the dashboard with new sorting and filtering options.
  • Update: Modal component updated.
  • Fix: Sidebar toggle transition issue in the dashboard.
  • Fix: Sidebar menu text rifat issue in the dashboard.
  • Fix: Tips on contribute page.
  • Fix: Rewards updates from manage campaign dashboard.
  • Fix: Some issues from creating the organization page.
  • Fix: Load more issues in campaign activities and notification list page.
  • Fix: Broken shipping address issue in contributions page.
  • Fix: Amounts are corrected on the subscription page.
  • Lots of minor bug fixes and improvements.
October 14, 2021


  • Fix: Tip enable/disable issue.
  • Fix: Storage issue.
  • Fix: Jobs for email sending.
October 3, 2021


  • Update: Codebase refactored.
  • Fix: Synchronize payment fee & donated amount calculation across all payment gateways.
  • Fix: Queue job for subscription purchase receipts.
  • Fix: Updating country & currency list in the dashboard.
September 19, 2021


  • New: Introduced new UX for the donation process.
  • New: Organization's logo in creating campaign dashboard.
  • New: Brand color added for creating campaign dashboard.
  • New: contribution flow design added with all working payments.
  • Update: Synchronize payment fee & donated amount calculation across all payment gateways.
  • Update: Shipping address organized for the reward-based campaign.
  • Few more bug fixes and improvements.
September 03, 2021


  • Fix: Activities count on the single campaign page in some scenarios.
  • Fix: Few more bug fix and improvements.
August 09, 2021


  • New: Added date for offline donation input.
  • Update: PDF flyer URL updated based on the custom domain URL.
  • Update: Fundraiser custom payment and escrow duration settings are linked now.
  • Fix: Amount calculation by date in all filter from the dashboard.
August 01, 2021


  • Fix: Activity list counts and names.
July 27, 2021


  • New: offline contributions can now be edited or deleted.
  • Fix: offline contributions in Activity tab of Campaign public page.
  • Fix: tooltip text issue in the campaign details page.
  • Fix: authentication issue in campaign manage pages.
  • Fix: endorsement email content and URL issue.
  • Fix: selected contribution preset amount issue.
  • Fix: negative amount validation in creating and editing the campaign page.
  • Fix: reload issue in payment method update.
July 01, 2021


  • Fix: organization name placements issue in landing page.
  • Fix: refunded donation removal.
  • Fix: custom domain link for social sharing.
  • Fix: redirects issue from notification campaigns.
  • Fix: contribution list, additional info blank issue.
  • Fix: date-time display, mismatch issue in contribution additional info.
  • Fix: online contribution, additional info modal designing issue.
  • Fix: label, and placeholder max length issue in dynamic form create.
  • Fix: share count increment issue.
  • Update: cookie content design.
  • Update: license name on my licenses page.
  • Few more bug-fix and improvements.
June 22, 2021


  • New: custom payment methods for the fundraisers.
  • New: refund and wallet balance calculation according to fundraisers' payment methods.
  • New: option add the footer logo separately.
  • Update: organization settings page.
  • Fix: color changes related issues fixed (select-dropdown, checkbox, radio button, text, etc.).
  • Fix: redirection issue from subdomain after login/logout.
  • Fix: long pagination issue fixed. Limit added.
  • Fix: payout attachment, and note text limit-related issue.
  • Fix: donation tip page, display amount null issue.
  • Fix: video removal button issue in campaign management.
  • Fix: fundraiser dashboard, unauthorized notification issue.
  • Fix: user profile pages after login/logout redirection issues.
  • Fix: reward donation, refund stock.
  • Fix: payout request notification.
  • Fix: contributor refund request acceptance notification.
  • Fix: Notification on organization reporting.
  • Lots of bug fixes & improvements.
June 10, 2021


  • New: Option to change the brand color.
  • New: Option to change the secondary brand color.
  • New: Settings to manage the donation button label.
  • New: Settings to show/hide the language switcher.
  • Fix: Reminder email content.
  • Fix: Currency format from the manage campaign page.
  • Fix: Payment request notification issue.
  • Fix: Refund list exported data format.
  • Fix: User settings page, image picker issue.
  • Fix: User story, broken image issue.
May 27, 2021


  • Update: Formatted currency into the wallet & payout page.
  • Fix: Campaign linking issue from custom domain.
  • Fix: Logo issue from custom domain.
May 03, 2021


  • New: Settings to decide currency format.
  • Update: Browse all campaign links from the custom domain.
  • Update: Email contents and media.
  • Update: Progress bar height updated.
  • Fix Multiple typo issues.
  • Fix: Fundraiser icon fixed for the single campaign page.
  • Fix: Campaign story enabled by default when the campaign loads.
April 28, 2021


  • New: Custom Email Address for organizational email sending.
  • New: Settings to control the campaign single page.
  • Update: Performance improvements.
  • Fix: Organization domain cache issue.
April 11, 2021


  • Update: Email verification process for on-boarding.
  • New: Notice for un-verified email.
  • Update: Validate organization username with subdomain rules.
  • Update: Validate organization custom domain settings with dns rules.
  • Fix: Dynamic form default select option and form validation.
  • Fix: Reward regular price and offer price issue.
March 15, 2021


  • New: Visibility settings for 'Similar Campaigns'.
  • New: Consent settings with dynamic form.
  • New: Option to filter by campaign through contribution list.
  • New: Option to search and filer through category list.
  • Update: Shipping addresses are required for a reward-based campaign with shipping enabled.
  • Fix: Show Organization logo for organization sub domain.
March 04, 2021


  • New: Category management system.
  • New: Create category, permission added for team role.
  • New: Form lock mechanism for creating a campaign.
  • Fix. Dynamic form data in contributor dashboard.
March 01, 2021


  • New: Custom dynamic form creation and data collection process.
  • New: Endorsement status for the fundraiser.
  • Fix: Organization expiration check issue from the dashboard.
  • Fix: Video player issue.
February 25, 2021


  • New: Option To Control The Categories.
  • New: Settings to Enable/Disable Public Fundraising.
  • New: Shipping Address For Reward Based Campaign.
  • New: Option to Disconnection Payment Settings.
  • Fix: Report Notification and Email Issue.
  • Fix: Cookie Content Overlay And Change.
  • Fix; Scroll in Fundraise Sidebar.
  • Fix: Verify Page Spacing Issue.
  • Fix: Take A Tour Issue From Organization.
  • Fix: Organization Profile rifat Campaign.
  • Fix: Update Modal Valid Video URL Check Method.
February 11, 2021


  • New: Support For WooCommerce Integration.
  • Update: Create Organization - UX Improvement.
  • Fix: PayPal Connection Issue.
  • Fix: Invoice For Free Package.
  • Random UI/UX Improvement.
February 08, 2021


  • Fix: Live chat issue.
  • Fix: Typo, spelling, and grammar.
January 16, 2021


  • New: Inline documentation.
  • Update: Custom domain redirection from organization dashboard.
  • Update: ACL for campaign create, custom domain.
  • Update: Email contents.
  • Fix: Refund issue from the personal Stripe.
  • Fix: Brochure download Issue.
  • Fix: Email verification issue.
January 16, 2021


  • Update: Create an organization form.
  • Update: Email contents and templates.
  • Fix: Invoice amount issue.
  • Fix: Campaign slug for non-English name.
  • Fix: Uploaded file extension.
January 01, 2021


  • New: Introduced the custom domain.
  • New: Taken the application to SSR Mode for better SEO.
  • New: Option to buy multiple licenses.
  • New: Option to transfer the individual license to others.
  • New: Added API key for third-party integration.
  • New: 'Report' against a campaign.
  • Update: Contribution process using Stripe.
  • Fix: Data exporting issue.
  • Fix: Role & permission issue.
  • Fix: Issue to upgrade the package.
December 21, 2020


  • New: More filters on campaign stats.
  • New: Realtime username availability check on organization create.
  • New: AmarPay integration.
  • Update: UX of settings/payment page.
  • Update: Delete account and delete organization modal.
  • Fix: debouncing on search.
  • Fix: URL redirection from my profile page.
  • Fix: Currency symbol issue in contribute page.
  • Fix: 'Almost there' filter on org campaigns.
  • Fix: Gallery image uploader, loader issue.
September 30, 2020


  • Update: UX of organization payment methods settings.
  • Update: Notification for different actions.
  • Fix: Tip settings, saving issue.
  • Fix: Displaying anonymous contributors properly into the campaign contribution page.
September 25, 2020


  • Update: Queued event listeners.
  • Update: Media uploader.
  • Fix: Blank page issue for deleted, rejected & drafted campaigns.
  • Fix: Confirmation alert issue.
  • Fix: Error message for social share.
September 24, 2020


  • New: Offline donations list on campaign activity.
  • Update: Translatable strings.
  • Fix: Total raised campaign count.
September 17, 2020


  • Update: Syncing frontend and server datetime to UTC
  • Update: Linking to campaign page from contribution page
  • Update: 'Delete Organization', button position
  • Update: Linking of my-account stats
  • Update: Update: Organization's payment gateway UX
  • Update: Open graph content
  • Fix: Social login issue usign Google
  • Fix: Error on contribution page due to reload
  • Fix: Notification issue
  • Fix: Logout issue from dashboard
  • Fix: 'Newest' as default filter for browse campaign pag
September 16, 2020


  • New: Footer version no. & last updated time
  • Update: Allow refund position
  • Update: Error message in payout response
  • Update: Contributed campaign count
  • Update: Fundraiser name in campaign details page
  • Update: Success message when campaign is published
  • Update: Contributor avatar is optional now
  • Update: Dashboard stats labelling
  • Update: Payment methods UX
  • Update: QR code links of campaign brochure
  • Fix: Social links from organization settings
  • Fix: Country list through-out the application
  • Fix: URL issue in organization header
September 15, 2020


  • Initial stable release
September 11, 2020


  • Initial beta release
August 01, 2020