Crowdfundly 3.0.2: Backward Compatibility of Campaign Story & Several Bug Fixes

August 11, 2022

Release Note Design Sampless V3.0.2 03

Hey Crowdfundly Guru, here it is!

It’s time for another update, and this one includes some improvements as well as several bug fixes.

Let’s begin with Crowdfundly 3.0.2 without further delay!

New – Backward compatibility of Campaign Story
New – Added Paypal payment option
Fixed – Campaign endorsement issue
Fixed – Campaign visibility issue for older campaigns
Fixed – Page title changes dynamically at campaign creation
Fixed – PayPal contribution issue Fixed – Auth pages fav-icons

Wrapping up
All right, that’s it. We’ve improved and fixed a few much-needed features in this update. So we hope that you’ll get a better experience with Crowdfundly, and we wish to be back again soon! However, you can always suggest new features and improvements by joining our Facebook group!